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At present, the Agora parliamentary representative and his team are implementing the Citizens' resolution on Employment, from December 2021, which contains the proposals from the members of the assembly during the third cycle.

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Parliamentary work

During the last session of this third Assembly Cycle, Pepijn Kennis received the Citizen's Resolution from the Assemblists.


The proposals have already been presented to the Minister of Employment who was present!

2021-12-10 23.09.23.jpg
2021-12-11 02.10.47.jpg

From here on out it is up to Pepijn Kennis and his team to study the Assemblists' proposals in more detail and begin their parliamentary work: how to put these proposals into action?

The parliamentary team will  study the proposals for ordinance and resolutions that come from other politicians , to react to them or even contribute to them from the Citizen Resolution.


The elected representative  prepares draft ordnances and resolutions on employment by translating the proposals of the Resolution into concrete legal texts.

Timeline of parliamentary activities

Below you can explore all actions of Agora at the Brussels Parliament on the theme of employment. These are questions, interpellations, votes and proposals for legal texts introduced by the elected parliamentarian for Agora. Tap the labels to explore actions.

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