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Third cycle: state of affairs

On Saturday 20 November, the assemblists of the third cycle of the Brussels Citizens' Assembly met for the last time on the theme of work and employment. They finalised their proposals, which were divided into four themes: access to work, decent work, a chance for every Brussels citizen to work, and work according to one's own competences.

At the beginning of the session, Agora MP Pepijn Kennis explained - based on previous experience - how he would defend the texts in parliament and what chances he saw of getting them voted on, as well as the difficulties he might encounter in doing so.

In the coming week, all assemblists will validate the written texts online. Only those texts that receive at least 85% approval will be retained and included in the Citizens’ Resolution. All assemblists that participated in at least two assembly days will be allowed to vote.

The result will be presented to politicians and the press on 11 December. And then... party! (knock on wood).


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