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At Agora, we organise our work horizontally, thus allowing every member to find their place: volunteers, employees, active members, occasional helpers, etc.

We organise ourselves accordign to Working Groups (WGT - Werkgroepen/Groupes de Travail), each with a well-defined mandate and autonomy for its subject. Interaction between these working groups happens through the InterWGT and the Coordination .

This structure has been in place since October 2020.

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Note: In spring 2022,
we organize differently!

During the spring of 2022, after three cycles of the Citizen Assembly, Agora won't organize another cycle but will take the time of a semester to 'carry' their various achievements together with the whole movement.

As a result, during this semester, we'll exceptionally organize in a different way than explained on this page - to enable ourselves to carry out these new actions as good as possible. We'll tell you all about it during the welcoming meetings!

The 5 Working Groups (WGT's)



This working group is responsible for organising the Citizens' Assemblies. It takes care of the methodology, facilitation, drawing lots, research and observation, logistics, contact with assembly members etc.




This working group is responsible for external communication at AGORA.



This working group is responsible for the internal functioning of the AGORA movement and social aspects: governance, training, diversity, the well-being of volunteers and employees. It also supports other groups with regard to finances



This WG takes care of parliamentary work for the Brussels Parliament:

- The WG follows the debates in parliament and in committees

- Stimulates discussion on subjects related to the Agora's wider mission.

This working group provides legal support to the other WGTs by offering legal consultancy in a wide variety of fields (elections, financing, GDPR, etc.).


This working group is responsible for the relations between Agora and other stakeholders in the political landscape and in civil society: politicians, other organisations, specialists, researchers, etc. This WGT is also responsible for representing Agora at external events.

Interaction between WGT's


Agora is organised according to WGT's, each of which has their own specific focus. All these different groups come together in the Inter Working Group (InterWGT) which takes place every month. This is the place where all important strategic decisions are reached by means of adapted consent .  


The interWGT is also the space for more relaxed moments to celebrate our work!


All the working groups have a representative in the Coordination, as well as some fixed members. This is the place where we coordinate the work between the short and long term WGTs. It can make operational decisions and stipulate and monitor short-term priorities.

Coordo is supported by the secretariat.

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