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The Brussels Citizens' Assembly brings together citizens who are selected by lot, in a process organised by Agora.


This Assembly makes it possible to give a voice to the diversity of Brussels and enable real debate about different opinions. It promotes the development of proposals for the general good and without any hidden agendas, and also encourages the long-term political involvement of citizens.

Each semester, the members of the assembly deliberate on subjects that fall within the competences of the Brussels region. The participants learn, discuss, deliberate and meet with experts before coming together to draw up proposals and make decisions.

A cycle can either be productive, with the aim of producing a text on a topic within the competences of the Brussels-Capital Region, or it may be a reactive cycle, working to formulate reactions to the work in progress in the various committees of the Brussels Parliament.

The Assembly's proposals are relayed by our elected spokesperson within the Brussels Parliament, with the aim of influencing the Parliament's decisions. Ultimately, our goal is to establish the Assembly as an institution, so it can be endowed with legislative power and work in parallel with the elected Parliament.

By organising this Assembly, Agora wants to encourage the practice of true citizen democracy. In addition to its legislative work, the Assembly serves as a tool to inspire representativeness, to cultivate deliberation, and further participation - everywhere in society.

Agora.Brussels organised four Assemblies in 2019-2024.

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