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Agora members

More than 100 people are committed to renewing democracy in Brussels. Some of the members of Agora introduce themselves in the following link.


Discover here the members of Agora. 

We don't like the cult of personalities that often goes hand in hand with the current electoral system. However, we understand that you want to know who is on the Agora list. These people on the list were randomly drawn from Agora members in December 2018. The first three people were selected in a process combining random drawing and deliberation, in order to obtain people who would accept to be the spokesperson of the assembly and to stick to the ethical charter of the elected official.

Access here the charter of the elected official.

The candidates for the regional elections in Brussels:_D04A07D8-9CD1-3239-9149-20813D6C673B__D04A07D8-9CD1-3239-9149-20813D6C673B__D04A07D8-9CD1-3239-9149-20813D673B

  1. Pepijn Kennis

  2. Marie Line Simon

  3. Kewan Mertens

  4. Adeline Slosse

  5. Youssef Mechbal

  6. Helene Derbaudrenghien

  7. Franco Carminati

  8. Geertje De Waegeneer

  9. David Small

  10. Florence Prudhomme

  11. Arne Robbe

  12. Sieglinde Ruelens

  13. John Rosenfeld

  14. Iulia Grosman

  15. Olivier Vermeulen

  16. Sandra Heremans

  17. Gerben Van den Abbeele

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