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An Agora list for the May 2019 regional elections!

That's it, after a lot of discussions, we decided to present a list for the regional elections of May 2019.


You are not only told that the election system does not work well,

we offer you a solution to set up an alternative system, ...

Yes, we decided to play the game. Instead of continuing to debate and think of a better system, we want to test it in practice in order to institutionalize the drawing of lots.


Democracy will only be learned through practice.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-21 at 17.56.23.jpeg

The elections in May will allow us  to have a representative in the Brussels Parliament.


This hasgreat benefits, in the current system, for two reasons:

  • The short term: we can create this assembly

    • We can fund it

    • We can organize our assemblies directly in the same building as the elected parliament!

    • We give him real power


  • The long term: we can institutionalize the drawing of lots

    • Our parliamentarian will have the task of promoting the drawing of lots within the Brussels Parliament itself.

    • Within 5 years, we want to have, in parallel with the Brussels Parliament, an assembly of people drawn by lot with legislative power in Brussels.

Can the drawing of lots really make our system (a little more) democratic?

We believe it!

Is it a good idea to play the game?

We hope so too.

Will the electoral system force us to abandon doubt and nuance? Certainly not!  

Envie de rejoindre la campagne ?

Pensez-vous que les Bruxellois méritent plus de participation et une meilleure démocratie ? Êtes-vous ou connaissez-vous quelqu'un pour Agora.Brussels ? Cliquez ici !

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