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3333 signatures for

the regional elections of May 2019!



Agora collects 3333 signatures of support in Brussels before March 15, 2019!





Why 3333 signatures?

Agora collects 3333 support signatures in Brussels.


3333 signatures,including at least 500 Dutch speakers!


We need at least 500 Dutch-speaking signatures because we present a list in the Dutch-speaking college.


We rather aim for 3333 FR or NL signatures because this:  

  • corresponds better to the fact that we are a bilingual movement

  • illustrates the support among the population

  • demonstrates the energy within the movement

Why a list at the Dutch-speaking college?

Agora is a bilingual movement, but we do not hesitate to exploit the advantages offered by the institutional tangle that reigns in our country.


By introducing our list only to the Dutch-speaking electoral college, we increase our chances of obtaining an elected representative.


Indeed, the electoral threshold on the Dutch-speaking side is very low, since only 3333 votes are needed for a person to obtain a seat there.


How do I add my signature? 

Your signature expresses your support for to present a list for the elections of 26 May 2019!

To add your signature and express yourPlease complete form below.  

Dank je wel / Thank you very much

The 17 candidates

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How to vote on May 26 2019? 

As a French-speaking Brussels resident  you can vote for a Dutch-speaking list.

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