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Rent control: the political follow-up

In its resolution on the topic of housing, the Brussels Citizens' Assembly presented a series of recommendations for regulation of the rental market. You can find below an overview of the work Agora.Brussels has been doing in parliament to follow up on these recommendations.

Preparatory work

We submitted a question in writing to Ms. Ben Hamou, Secretary of State for Housing, concerning the relation between actual and 'indicative' rents. The Brussels Citizens' Assembly believes that rents should be more balanced, and thus one of its objectives is better regulation.

We also asked an oral question regarding the mandate of the Joint Rental Commission which has to be established. The Assembly called for there to be a mediation service in the Brussels-Capital Region in order to facilitate relations between tenants and landlords and to resolve any conflicts peacefully.

Follow-up to recommendations

The answer to the Assembly's written question can be found on the site of the Brussels Parliament.

The oral question on the 'Commission Paritaire Locative' has not yet been answered because it is the Parliament rather than the Government that supports the Commission. For more information on the Joint Rental Commission, see the specific page on this subject.

Contribution to debates

Agora.Brussels has also worked actively to promote the recommendations made by the Citizens' Assembly. Amendments have been presented and Agora also participated in the parliamentary debate in the Housing Committee.


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