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Proactive and reactive group

The Assembly will be divided intotwo groupsperforming two different types of work:

  • proactive, by positioning itself on subjects chosen by the Assembly, and

  • reagent, by positioning itself in relation to projects or proposals for ordinance of the Brussels Parliament.

Exchanges between the groups will take place throughout the cycle, and the whole Assembly will position itself on the two works at the end of each cycle.

The project

Topics selected by the Assembly for proactive work will be defined as follows:

  • thefirst cycle(6 months) will have the sole mission ofset the agendafor the next 5 years.

  • The following cycles will deal in order with the subjects chosen by the first cycle.

  • After2 ½ years(5 cycles, halfway through the legislature), one cycle will have the task ofreevaluateand adjust the schedule.

The project

At the start of each cycle,government agreementand thevarious draft orderscurrently being discussed in Parliament or in the committees will bepresented to the Assembly,who will choose the projecton which the Assembly will react.

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